See that link on the top bar of this page?  In case you don’t, it’s this: http://www.waronidiots.com/conservative-atheist-questionnaire/


I need y’all to help me out.  I’m doing a spot of research on conservative atheist principles, meaning, how conservative atheist principles correlate to conservative Christian principles.  Obviously, atheists don’t have the Bible to fall back on when forming their opinions on society and the direction it should take, and as such, are a rare breed.  However, I know they exist, so if anyone out there is or knows someone who is an atheist with conservative principles, please go to the above link and take the survey.  It’s not a form that can be filled out… it needs to be emailed to conservatheistsurvey@gmail.com because of the types of responses.


I know that will bring up privacy concerns considering the controversial nature of this site and its content, but please be assured I have no interest in spamming you or identifying you when I report my findings back on this site and on a future podcast.  Please  don’t think for a second that I’ll be contacting you repeatedly afterwards.  I may reply to your email with a simple “thank you” or ask another question or three if I want some clarification, but I promise you I have no interest in contacting you to bash your responses.


Additionally, if you’re interested in receiving a copy of my findings, please make that request in your email so I can send you a copy once I’ve compiled everything together.


Again, the survey can be found here.