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This is part 1 of a series of posts about Bose, the world’s shittiest and most useless audio company.


So I read this:



San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been fined $10,000 for wearing Apple’s Beats by Dre headphones following a ban on the brand after the NFL signed an exclusive deal with Bose.


Bose has a slogan of “Better sound through research.”  I sold Bose products for years and can assure you that the “better sound” they produce isn’t through research.  It’s through subliminal marketing and specifically selected sound clips that are built into their demo units that are tuned exclusively for their products to sound good.


Here’s some reality… they’re overpriced pieces of cardboard.  You know those little cube speakers?  The drivers are made out of compressed wood pulp, also known as paper/cardboard/sawdust.  The rubber surrounds are foam.  The impedance is somewhere around 1 ohm or less on some of their proprietary amplifier/speaker combo units, meaning that there’s no resistance for their underpowered amplifiers and higher amounts of distortion at high volumes… if there’s such a thing as “high volume” from a Bose device.


Their headphones are equally as shitty.  I have an old pair of Beats Solo headphones, one of the first pairs ever created under the Beats brand, and I rather like them.  The main pair of headphones I use when doing my podcast or other listening is a pair of Shure SE535 in-ear monitors.  I’ve demo’ed a pair of Bose QC3’s and the more recent release of QC25’s and I absolutely despise the lack of clear low-end bass from these headphones.  I would highly recommend these headphones to anyone who enjoys listening to anything reminiscent of Kenny from South Park.


There were two mottos we used to parody Bose… one was “Better sound through marketing.”  The other was “No highs, no lows, must be Bose.”  The specially designed demo sounds were digitally recorded clips from Telarc Studios, a recording studio with 100% digital equipment from input to output, eliminating any potential for analog noise or distortion.  An old music group called Industrial Monk recorded their album Magnificat at Telarc Studios, and I must say, the sound quality of that album is absolutely beautiful.  This explains why Dr. Omar Bose hand-selected this studio to record their demo sounds.  Dr. Bose was a marketing genius… more about why in a future post, but for now, let’s leave it at the fact that he knew how to demo his products to make them seem better than the competition, but in reality, they suck ass.


The other motto of the no highs or lows comes from the fact that the frequency response of their speakers and headphones was utter shyte compared to comparable headphones that you get for free with your shiny new smartphone.  I’ve never been able to find any spec sheet with detailed specs of frequency response or other information such as the material makeup of their speakers or drivers in their headphones, which leads me to believe they know they make a shit product, they’ll just never admit it.  I remember in my Bose vendor training years ago that they said their frequency response was just the same as the competition’s product, but yet I could hear a clear difference between their crappy paper cones and the kevlar drivers in the higher end products that cost less than Bose.  So basically, the frequency response of their product, while advertised as awesome, was just a fucking joke.


Now that the NFL has ousted Motorola as their headset provider for all of the coaches on the sidelines and replaced them with the overpriced Bose headsets, Bose has, in their usual fashion, demanded exclusivity.  These fuckers are some of the best marketing geniuses in existence and blatantly lie to their potential customers through deceptive advertising, but still make billions a year off of the lemmings who think “OMG BOSE IS THE BEST!!!1!11eleven”


The next post tells the full story about why the Bose Waveradio of yore was the best selling AM/FM radio on the planet for $350, and why the Sears company was banned from selling it………

That link up top that says “Conservative Atheist Survey” has brought some attention, both positive and negative, to my inbox.


First, the positive.


Thank you, all of you, who responded.  I’ve received a few dozen responses so far, but need a lot more to make this an effective study.  The sheer range of responses I’m getting are actually unexpected… I was thinking I’d be getting many of the same responses, but there are so many different opinions and explanations that this final report will be longer and more detailed than I expected.  Again, all of you are going to remain completely anonymous and will not be identified at all in my final report, but I am still extending my unequivocal appreciation to those who have and who will respond.


And now, the negative.


I love the response I got last night that was a simple two-word response from someone named “Fred Flintstone.”  I believe it was something to the effect of “fuck off.”  Nice.  Thanks, guy.


The response was, I believe, from a jackass on a reddit thread I posted to solicit some responses to this survey.  This guy stated in all caps a WARNING that an email address is required to complete the survey because the responses need to be emailed to me, and that the only respondents that should respond are those who are too stupid to understand that I’m just existing to steal identities and send out spam.  I promptly called him a fuckstick and a conspiracy theorist who felt everyone was out to get him.  Honestly, I barely have time for this website and podcast (yeah, I know, I said it’s coming by October 1st… but a thing called midterms happened and I had to shift priorities) so why the actual fuck would I have time or desire to steal identities or send out spam?  Come on, really?  I’m paying for this fucking site out of my own pocket and not making a dime from it…


The other negativity was from a few Twitter followers who were trying to tell me that the survey was biased and skewed toward a liberal point of view.  That’s kind of the point.  I want to stir up the emotional response of an opinionated conservative so that they give their first response instead of backspacing and rewording their responses for the sake of being less biased or more neutral in their explanation.  Atheists are known for rational, logical thought, and I’m seeking just that… but the emotional inference in a hastily written response because I pissed someone off by how I worded a question is also what I’m looking for.  People are more likely to provide a truthful, meaningful response instead of a carefully worded, watered down response when emotion is used.  That’s my full intention on the wording of this survey, and believe me, it took a while to write these questions.


I know I don’t have many viewers of this site at the moment, but for those of you who do visit, please spread the word about this survey to any socially conservative atheists you know.  The help really is appreciated.