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So, I tweeted this:

This I get this:

I’m looking to dump $1000 or more on a soundbar, and I figured I’d at least go demo the thing so I can see if it sounds as good as (or better than) my current surround sound setup.  The device is rather high end so it’s a “Magnolia-only” item, which means above-average intelligence-bearing associates should be working in that area of the store.  I find the device, and ask for a demo.  A blue shirt can’t figure it out, so he asks an associate in a shirt and tie who says “Yeah, I’m trying to fix this other junk right now” but hobbles over to the TV.


The first thing he does?  He unplugs the power to the soundbar.


The next thing he does?  He goes to the display next to this one to make sure the cable is run from the player next to this one all the way over to the sound bar in front of me… because, you know… there’s no sense in having a player hooked up to every single TV and sound system in a high-end place that sells high-end audio and video equipment.  Fine.  I’ll allow this.  Reluctantly.


Remember how he unplugged the power to the soundbar?  I told him he unplugged the power and he said “yeah, I know, I’m just making sure it’s plugged in.”


Ladies and gentlemen, we have the Einstein of audio/video on our hands.


He plugs it in, and fumbles with a remote and a bunch of sources pop up on the screen, one of which says “Bluetooth.”  Hey!  I have a smartphone with a Spotify subscription, maybe I can stream some audio from Spotify to the device?


“No, it doesn’t have Bluetooth, and even if it did, there’s a million Bluetooth devices in here and I don’t know which one to use.”


Fair enough.  The TV itself had Bluetooth and no audio output to the soundbar.  But really?  A million Bluetooth devices?  If this guy was above-average intelligence and worked in the Magnolia section, he should, in theory, know how to sync a Bluetooth device.  Fail.


His attitude then became reminiscent of a caged-up angry dog (hey, I’m being nice because I’m linking this post to the people at Best Buy so they can see the disaster on their hands).  After more fumbling and a lack of willingness to help further, I told him to forget it and informed him that his attitude sucked worse than anyone I’ve ever dealt with in a retail store.  He said, in a very sarcastic tone, “Have a nice day, sir!” and gave the Princess Diana wave.


Oh yeah, it’s store manager time.


Hi, Mr. Store Manager, how are you?  Yeah, your boy Nick back there?  He just cost you a $1000+ sale on a soundbar.  Nice job.  What’s that?  You’re going to get not one, but two of your best employees back there to help me, even though they were the ones who called over this other guy with the crap attitude to help me in the first place?  Sure!  I’ll give them a shot… again…


10 minutes later, still no working demo, but significant pressure to just buy it anyway without hearing it.


Nice try, scumbags, but I’m not buying this from you.  In fact, I’m tempted to return the portable hard drive I just bought and buy it from another local competitor who cares about their customers and has actual working demos in their store.


So, Alex at @BestBuySupport, do tell me exactly how you’re going to satisfy me after this less-pleasing-than-dealing-with-the-IRS situation you’ve just put me through.  I’m extremely curious to see how you’ll prove that Best Buy is going to dig their way out of this one.